After the Holidays is a great a time to clean and shine your granite counter tops… Time to Re– Seal!!!

To maintain the look and slip resistance of the granite, it is important to use a high quality, invisible impregnating sealer. Dry-Treat impregnating sealers are safe and suitable to seal granite surfaces of all types – from wall cladding to floors, outdoors and in, residential and high traffic commercial.

Tips for  Removing Stains

Most stains can be removed using standard household products. If the stain is particularly difficult to handle, a commercial stain remover can be used. Stains of every kind can affect tiles and grout joints. The lists that follows provides some of the most common staining problems and potential solutions. Removers should never be mixed together as harmful by-products may result.


 With any harsh cleaning product (acidic or alkaline), test the product on a small area of the surface, at least 24 hours beforehand, to ensure it won’t discolor or adversely affect the surface. Avoid using acidic substances on calcite based stone, including marble, limestone and travertine – these will be damaged immediately on contact with acids. After using an acidic cleaner, the surface should be neutralised with a mild alkaline solution – some baking soda or detergent dissolved in water should do the trick, then rinsed thoroughly with clean water and left to dry before attempting to seal., our invisible, breathe-able impregnating sealer will make a deep water and oil-repellent barrier within the surface which will permanently solve this problem and make it easier to clean and maintain the surface.



 PROBLEM      –        REMOVER(S)



 Blood  Baking soda, bleach, hydrogen peroxide



 Chewing gum  Ice cubes, paint remover



 Coffee  Baking soda, bleach, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide



 Dyes & Animal Droppings  Bleach



 Fats    Detergent, sal soda



 Fruit juices  Baking soda, bleach, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide, oxalic acid



 Grease  Detergent, plaster of paris, sal soda



 Ink  Baking soda, bleach



 Iodine  Ammonia



 Lipstick  Bleach, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide



 Mildew  Ammonia, baking soda, bleach



 Motor oil  Plaster of paris



 Mustard Bleach



 Nail polish Bleach, nail polish remover



 Paint Paint remover



 Rust  Baking soda, scouring powders



 Tar  Ice cubes, paint remover



 Tea  Bleach, household cleaners, hydrogen peroxide



 Tough stains  Oxalic acid



 Vegetable oil  Baking soda, detergent



 Water/mineral stains  White vinegar



 Wax  Ice cubes, paint remover



 Wet paper  Bleach



 Wine  Baking soda


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