… Designing the Ultimate Backsplashes…Creating the WOW factor

Imagine walking into a stunning designer kitchen outfitted with the most extraordinary cabinetry,captivating tiles and awe-inspiring amenities you have ever seen. Now imagine that same kitchen without it’s countertops and backsplash… does it suddenly seem as if something is missing? When I enter a kitchen where this all important focal points has been ommitted, it is the bare space that first catches my eye undermining my inmediate appreciation for the overall composition. You might ask how it is that such a small area can carry such weight in the over-all design scheme. The answer is simple, it all boils down to location, location, location. Nestled between the countertops  and upper cabinetry, this tiny space lands directly in the line of vision for anyone entering the room.

Sometimes overlooked and often under appreciated, the splash offers designers and homeowners alike a blank canvas upon which to compose functional piece of art. capable of dramatic impact, this pint sized component can pack a hefty punch whether featured as the primary focal point or an unpretentious but compelling backdrop. With so much importance riding on this one element, it is important to not overlook the power of this petite space when planning your masterpiece. Take your time, be creative and make use of the backsplash to instill the WOW factor in your design. Here are some tips to use when you decide to start your project.

  • Plan ahead  
  • Formulate your Design
  • Create more space
  • Carefully place electrical outlets on cabinets
  • Harmonize the elements of your design
  • Pay attention to the details
  • Create a style.

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