Harmonize the Elements of Your Design

You have just discovered the perfect stone slab, its dramatic veining and vibrant color tones blend precisely to make that daring statement you’ve been after. As a rule of thumb, when the countertop is exceptionally striking and functions as one of the kitchen’s primary focal points, the splash takes a backseat as a complementary element. Avoiding the use of intricate patterns and intense colors within the backsplash adjoining a heavily veined countertop is generally a good idea, but going subtle doesn’t have to mean boring!! By seeking out a single color tone contained within the countertop material itself and transferring it onto the backsplash through the use of a decorative insert or border, you can create a design that will marry the two nicely. On the other hand if your desire  is to make the backsplash a primary focal point in the space, be sure your tone down the countertop as to keep things in balance.


Coral – Perfectly paired  with blue and golds, coral adds warmth to any room particularly as an unexpected accent in a bathroom

Green – Green’s popularity soared in 2010, and 2011 will be just as kind to the versatile color, which works in just about any room in the house.

Yellow – Influenced by Mayan culture and folktales, sunstone gold will be one  of the many Native American, Influences on color next year. Yellow adds a nice burst of color to the home but can be too bold for some. A lighter shade may work for the color shy.

Gray –  Gray will be a go-to color in the coming months because it complements any other color. Gray even goes with gray

Blue –  Blue has a split personality. It can trigger feeling of sadness ( hence the phrase “ feeling blue “ ), but it’s also the most relaxing color. Icy Blue is set to be the dominant shade in 2011.

Red-Cast Blue –  red cast blue looks like a very deep royal purple, with red and blue undertones, Adding a bit of drama to everyday decors, the color is set to shine next year.

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