Solid Stone Manufacturing


We are a Family Company, proudly has celebrated 15 years by Incorporation a skilled and professional craft men staff. We value give an excellent customer service.

Solid Stone Manufacturing has found the meeting customer’s needs and has gone beyond the typical remodeling … Premium Quality! On Houston and surrounding areas during those years Solid Stone Manufacturing has built a reputation as one of Houston’s leading Remodeling and Stone Fabricators of affordable natural Stone.

Our Team have learned that listening to our customers about how they would like their project to look, will give us ideas about how to approach their projects. We also, encourage customer’s ideas about how to make truly Unique Designs in their project that blend and focus with their surrounding making an elegant project.

Mission Statement

The mission of Solid Stone Manufacture is to establish and standardize a unique type of service for all clients who believe and feel a special attraction to the natural elements that the earth offers.

Solid Stone Manufacture is focused on customer satisfaction bringing the beauty and elegance of natural stone to our clients? most intimate and important places. Solid Stone Manufacture believes that world-wide, markets are strongly connected and the way of conducting business has taken an impersonal route with emphasis on TIME IS GOLD, forgetting the most important and fundamental part. The service.

Therefore, the mission of Solid Stone Manufacture is to restore customer service. Along with the satisfaction of buying premium quality materials, our products are based on standards of manufacture created by the World Wide Natural Stone Industry. Our objective is to make our clients smile and be happy about the work done by our staff. Our main goal is simply total customer satisfaction.


Solid Stone Manufacture knows that globalization and other economic factors have caused natural stone companies to become focused on costs only, while disregarding the importance of quality products and the satisfaction of the client. Over the years, Solid Stone Manufacture has observed 4 types of clients: Home Owners, Remodelers, Home Builders and Commercial Builders. Each has different needs but at the same time they want to be treated with the same values and ethics used in the past. Therefore, Solid Stone Manufacture has a vision of respect for every customer no matter the size of the job. Our commitment to our clients is dealing honestly, hoping they are loyal to us and treat us in the same way.

The enterprise?s vision is based on having our headquarters located where it is accessible to our clients and suppliers in Houston Texas; creating a relationship of trust with our staff in order to reflect security and congruency with our clients; creating a successful relationship with our human resource, suppliers and above all, our clients.